We knocked, a door opened, Baghdad Patriarch says

Patriarch Delly confirms Church role in liberation of two Italian aid workers.

Baghdad (AsiaNews) - "We knocked on every door to free the two Italian women," His Beatitude Emmanuel Delly, Chaldean Patriarch of Baghdad told AsiaNews. "One opened. And Iraqi Christians and Muslims are rejoicing."

"When I mean we knocked on every door, I mean every door," he emphasised. "And the Lord was there to help us find one open. I cannot tell you which one, but one opened and the two young women walked through free."

The Patriarch refrained however from going into details as to how the Church was able to free Simona Pari and Simona Torretta, the two Italian women aid workers abducted on September 7 and set free today.

Here is the short interview Patriarch Delly gave AsiaNews.

What was your reaction to the news that the two Italian women were free?

We were very happy to hear that both Simona Pari and Simona Torretta were free, more than you Italians.


Because we are one family! When one son is freed, the father and the other sons cheer. As children of God all of us, Muslims and Christians alike, belong to the same family. Everyone in Baghdad and in Iraq is happy knowing that the two young women are free, Muslims included. Everyone is against to such inhuman deeds.

What would you like to say to the families of the young women and to the Italian people?

I dare say that the liberation of the two aid workers is the result of the many prayers said in Italy, in Iraq and around the world. I praise the Lord for moving the abductors to free them. (LF)