IAEA: Iran is able to build the atomic bomb. Ahmadinejad: We do not need it anyway
Tehran has the technology and is now developing a missile capable of carrying a warhead. The news reported by agencies is belied by the IAEA. The Iranian president: "Nuclear weapons are a thing of the past", but "Iran will not stop its nuclear program ever."

Tehran (AsiaNews / Agencies) - Iran is now capable of building the atomic bomb. Experts of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) are convinced that Tehran now has the technology needed to build a nuclear bomb.

The news was reported by Associated Press (AP), and immediately taken up by the Israeli newspapers Jerusalem Post and Haaretz, that speak of a secret Agency report according to which the Islamic Republic is now developing a missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead and has "sufficient information" to build the bomb.


Following the circulation of the news, the IAEA declared that it had “no concrete evidence" and denies the existence of a secret program. And the allegations triggered by the AP revelations spread were also addressed by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who declared: "We do not need this type of weapon" and "we believe in talks and negotiations."

The Tehran leader said that "nuclear weapons belong to the past and past generations," but he emphasized that "Iran will not stop its nuclear program ever."


Only two days ago, September 16, the spokesman of Ahmadinejad, Ali Akbar Javanfekr, described the country as “a nuclear power" and turning to Western countries and the U.S. in particular, had said: "They should accept a nuclear Iran and have to negotiate with a nuclear Iran "