The women of Kuwait can travel with their passport without their husbands permission
A Constitutional Court decision. "In the 21st century you can not control his wife." According to the female Parliamentarian Aseel Al Awadi, the amendment helps "the democratic process in Kuwait."

Kuwait City (AsiaNews / Agencies) - The women of Kuwait will have their passport and travel without the prior permission of their husbands. This was established by the Constitutional Court yesterday.

Aseel Al Awadi, female Parliamentarian (see photo), has applauded the decision as a "special victory for the constitutional values” and a "vindication for women’s rights".

Aseel Al Awadi is one of the first four women elected to parliament in Kuwait. In a statement released to the press she said that the decision of the Court "is a first step to eliminate all laws that are unconstitutional and a threat to the democratic process in Kuwait."

The attorney general Adel Qurban said he was proud of the decision of the Court: "It's incredible that a man can control the travel or the movement of his wife in the 21st century!"

On 13 July, Aseel Al Awadi proposed the amendment to change the law on passports. The proposal was caused by yet another case where a husband refused to give permission to his wife and their three children to take their passports to ensure that they would not leave the country.