Mission's roots are in the Eucharist, Bishop Zen says
Over 10,000 Catholics at the Mass to open the Year of the Eucharist and World Day for Missions.

Hong Kong (AsiaNews) - More than 10,000 Catholic in Hong Kong took part, yesterday, October 24th, in the Eucharistic celebration at the Hong Kong Coliseum marking the World Day for Missions.  The celebration went under the banner of "God bless Hong Kong" and was a sign of the Church's unity with the pope, who inaugurated the International Year of the Eucharist on October 17th.

In the homily of the "God Bless Hong Kong" Solemn Mass, Monsignor Joseph Zen Ke-Kiun recalled how "mission and evangelization are rooted in the Eucharist."

"Jesus Christ established the Eucharist, which is a mystery for the Church and the answer to today's questions: questions that not even modern technology can answer", Bishop Zen stressed, adding that "this Mystery is passed on by the Church and reappears everywhere in the worldÂ… even in a labor camp, a priest will celebrate the Eucharist". He encouraged the faithful to attend Mass more frequently and actively, "from which they can draw the momentum to preach the Good News."

The offering was a touching moment when three disable faithful offered the wine and bread to the Bishop: "We believe that the Eucharist is a source of healing," they said.

After Communion, participants left the Coliseum building to adore the Eucharist outside in the Victoria Harbour area, known for its many commercial centres. (FW)