With the new year, a vocational school for the youth of the diocese is born in Xuan Loc
by J.B. VU
Wanted by Bishop Dominique Nguyen Chu Trinh, the institute will open its doors in the next school year. A new method of teaching for 12 main courses, from tourism to woodworking, from computers to accountancy.

Xuan Loc (AsiaNews) - The start of the Lunar New Year was welcomed joyfully by all Vietnamese Catholics, who are also celebrating their Jubilee Year, sharing with others humanity and charity. Life still has hope and meaning when people live in harmony and mutual love.  

In the Lunar year, the bishop of Xuan Loc, Dominique Nguyen Chu Trinh and Chairman of the Committee for social and charitable activities has given rise to a new opportunity for children and young people of the diocese, who are faced with numerous difficulties. The bishop has established a project to build the Hoa Binh vocational school for children and young unfortunates who live in communities of the province of Dong Nai.

The school has an area of 2.5 hectares and is situated in the village of Lo Duc, Ho Nai 3 municipality, district of Trang Bom, Dong Nai province. The province has about 2.4 million inhabitants, 1.6 million of whom are young. Each year, about 8 thousand people attend universities, colleges and vocational schools.  

Based on the needs of children and young people living in particularly difficult circumstances, the school is preparing work for the school year 2011-2012. "We - Fr Joseph Nguyen Van Uy, Secretary General of the diocese of Xuan Loc and chairman of the School explains to AsiaNews - we will have 12 major subjects, such as carpentry, social work, accountancy, computer technology, for the hotel industry and tourist guides. The school aims to cooperate with social organizations, companies, factories, communities and universities in the province of Dong Nai and others. "

The Council of the school officials told AsaiNews that "the school will operate according to Christian charity, reducing from 5 to 100% of tuition fees for students who live in difficult and poor family circumstances. The teachers want to focus on quality, organizing short training courses for teachers on new teaching methods. Students have the opportunity to participate in the processes of learning and teaching. Students will follow practical and theoretical lessons in companies, businesses and social activities and develop community projects in the province. "  

"Through theory and practice - adds Sister V. from the Thien Binh shelter - the professors teach students how to behave well with others, to show kindness, charity and be true Christians in their attitudes to life. "

 "The diocese - adds Msgr. Toma Vu Dinh Hieu, auxiliary bishop of Xuan Loc - includes Donh Nai province and part of Binh Duong. The area has many factories, enterprises, companies and industrial areas that attract workers from the centre and north of the country. " "They come here – he says - to earn money and maintain their families. They work hard, but the salary is not adequate. Many workers have no knowledge or experience. Young people have few opportunities to get training, so they face many difficulties to find work here. Now, we hope that the school will meet the needs of the young poor and unfortunate people living in communities of our diocese. "