Moscow, two explosions in the Metro kill 37 people
The first at Lubyanka station, above the former KGB headquarters. The second at Park Kultury. The first attack by a suicide bomber. So far no claims of responsibility, but Chechen irredentism suspected.

Moscow (AsiaNews / Agencies) - At least 37 people were killed this morning in two explosions in the Moscow metro. The first occurred at Lubynka station, in centre, during rush hour at 7:56 (local time), killing 20 people and wounding 11. The headquarters of the Russian secret services, successors of the KGB, is directly above this station. Witnesses say there are dead in the second carriage - where the explosion occurred - and on the platform.  

The second blast occurred at Park Kultury at 8.38. Between 12 and 15 people were killed. According to Interfax, the first explosion may have been triggered by a suicide bomber.    

Over the past 10 years the Russian capital has been hit by several deadly explosions claimed by Chechen militants. But in recent times the explosions had decreased. Those of today are the first attacks on the Moscow underground since 2004, when an Islamic extremist from the Caucasus killed more than 40 people.