In the Footsteps of Mother Teresa, fighting abortion through adoption
by Nirmala Carvalho
The formula of the founder of the Missionaries of Charity explained to AsiaNews by Sister Jenvie, who for over 20 years worked in the orphanage of Ahmedabad. Protagonist of a miracle, her mother said: "We work well, so much so that today the doctors advise to those seeking an abortion to come to us first."

Ahmedabad (AsiaNews) - Fighting abortion by adoption. It is a formula, launched by Mother Teresa of Calcutta, now her Missionaries of Charity use it to stop the scourge of abortion in one of the most affected countries. AsiaNews speaks to Sr.Jenvie., who joined the Sisters of the Blessed when she was 17 years old, writing in secret to Mother Teresa asking to be allowed to "serve the poorest of the poor."

Sister Jenvie lives and carries out her mission in the house of the Missionaries of Ahmedabad, the Nirmala Shishu Bhavan Bhimjipura, since 1989. Among other things, she is the protagonist of a small miracle: the day before delivering making her vows, she fell into a coma because of an undiagnosed illness. After three days, doctors pronounced her death. Advised of the incident, her future sisters began to pray for her, and she began to breath again.

Later that day, Mother Teresa went to her with four other sisters and took her away. In her papers of discharge she wrote that she was "bringing home her baby." It was discover in the Hospice that she was suffering from tuberculosis : thanks to the prayers and care of the Missionaries, however, she managed to defeat it and - more than 20 years later - continues to struggle against the scourge of abortion.

Sr. Jenvie tells AsiaNews: "It is a great blessing to follow in the footsteps of Blessed, as it is a great joy to welcome all these children. Until now, we have been able to arrange more than 600 adoptions. As Mother Teresa used to say, fight abortion by adoption and care for the mother. In this way we have saved thousands of lives. We have sent this message to clinics, hospitals, police stations: Please do not destroy [the life] of these children, we will take care of the children. Thus, mothers in difficulty we always someone who says to them: Come, we will take care of you and find a home for your child".

The Missionaries currently host 13 children in the house in Ahmedabad, one disabled. To this house they have since added another 9 houses in Orissa, "We are very careful of the legal aspects and follow all procedures. So much so that today, even doctors of various hospitals recommended girls seeking an abortion to speak with us first. "

Sisters Jenvie concludes by quoting the founder: "Every child saved is a source of great joy to their adoptive parents. We know that families need to plan in some way, but there is a natural method for doing so. In love, everything succeeds”.