Iranian footballer escapes with a fine of 30 thousand euro for breaking Ramadan,
Ali Karimi has returned to play in the Steel Azin. Last week he was sacked by the club. He must pay the fine for drinking water during training, for insulting the Football Association and a former Revolutionary Guards.

Tehran (AsiaNews / Agencies) - Ali Karimi, a former Bayern Monaco footballer nicknamed the "Asian Maradona", may return to play in the Steel Azin, the Iranian club that fired him for not respecting Ramadan. But he will have to pay a 30 thousand euro fine

On August 15 Karimi was fired from Steel Azin for drinking during a training session, for criticizing the Iranian Football Federation and insulting Ajorlou Mostafa, Managing Director of Steel Azin and former Revolutionary Guard. On 12 August Iran started Ramadan and Iranian law requires all Muslims to observe fasting from dawn until sunset.

Ali Karimi is an Iranian of the greatest players of all time and is famous for having played a game in 2009 against South Korea wearing green wristbands, the symbol colour of opposition to the regime of Ahmadinejad.