Mousavi headquarters raided in Tehran, computers seized
The government noose around pro-reform leader is getting tighter. One of his closest aides is arrested, whilst he is de facto under house arrest. According to his website, “another phase of restrictions has started”.
Tehran (AsiaNews/Agencies) – The noose is tightening around former pro-reform presidential candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi who challenged President Ahmadinejad in last year’s election. After arresting a personal aide a few days ago, a group of basij (pro-government paramilitary) stormed his headquarters in Tehran, seizing computers, books and other political material, Mousavi’s own online voice Kaleme reported. The latter is one of the best know opposition websites.

With the attack by plainclothes security agents on the office of Mr Mousavi, it seems that another phase of restrictions has started," Kaleme said.

So far, the government has not issued any comment. However, recent actions are indicating that further repression against the opposition, especially Mousavi’s own camp, might be on its way.

On Tuesday, security forces surrounded the pro-reform leader’s headquarters, preventing journalists, activists and sympathisers from meeting him.

Iranian police subsequently arrested a top official in Mousavi’s headquarters by the name of Mohseni.

According to Kaleme, the only reason for these moves is the government’s desire to step up pressures against the opposition.

In fact, the other pro-reform leader, Mehdi Karroubi, has also come under pressure, with revolutionary guards attacking his home earlier this month.