Hollywood and Bollywood together to globalize cinema
The goal is to "develop and enhance production, distribution and trade relations," to increase the production of Indian films in Hollywood. In March this year, the two film industries signed another agreement to fight online piracy.

Los Angeles (AsiaNews / Agencies) - Bollywood is ready to go "global" and joins forces with Hollywood. According to a statement released by the Motion Picture Association of America, the two largest film industries in the world have signed a statement to "develop and enhance production, distribution, technology, content protection and trade relations," on November 11 in Los Angeles.

Brad Grey, CEO of Paramount Pictures, said of the agreement: " This groundbreaking collaboration will yield more co-productions and alliances, greater films and a stronger global film industry." The statement also added that both industries will support the creation of the Los Angeles-India Film Council, to increase the production of Indian films in Hollywood.

Bobby Bedi, a producer who led the Indian delegation, said: " India has always held a fascination for Hollywood, and this agreement pulls us closer together with the aim of sharing ideas and best practices on domestic and international film production".

Studios and production companies of both countries have in recent years taken on a number of joint ventures and co-productions: this was the case in 2008 for Dreamworks, co-founded by Steven Spielberg, with India's Reliance Big Group.

Already in March this year, the two popular industries had signed another agreement to join efforts against online piracy.

This year "Kites" and "My Name Is Khan", two Bollywood blockbusters were filmed in Los Angeles.