Philippines: fears over Bulusan volcano, 500 families evacuated
The people come from villages in Juban and Irosin and since last night are being hosted in refugee camps. In the case of eruption thousands of people at risk residents in the area of the volcano, but volcanologists believe imminent eruption unlikely.

Manila (AsiaNews) - In the province of Sorgoson (North of the Philippines), over 500 families were evacuated last night after the explosion of Mount Bulusan. The refugees come from the towns of Juban and Irosin affected by burning ash clouds and a 2 km high column of smoke and volcanic debris.

Raffy Alejandro, head of the regional civil defense said that there were problems and refugees are now in evacuation centers pending the arrival of humanitarian aid. Alejandro warns that thousands of people are still inside the 'high risk area limited by the 6 km radius of the volcano and could be evacuated in the coming hours.

The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) has assured that despite the constant earthquakes, 12 alone were recorded yesterday; there is no danger of an imminent eruption.

1550 meters high together with Mayon and Pinatubo, Mount Bulusan is one of the most active volcano in the Philippines and the world. Since 1886 it has erupted 15 times and its last eruption dates back to 2007.