Majority of Palestinians opposes anti-Israeli violence

Jerusalem (AsiaNews) – For the first time since the beginning of the second intifada, a majority of Palestinians opposes violent acts against Israelis, including the Israeli soldiers.

A survey by the Jerusalem Media and Communication Center reported in the Israeli daily Haaretz indicates that 52 per cent of Palestinians living in the territories agreed that attacks against Israelis were harmful to Palestinian national interests. When the question was asked back in June only 27 per cent said the same.

The survey also shows that the proportion of those who believe that 'military operations' are a suitable response to Israel's occupation of the territories was dropping (from 65 per cent down to 41)

Although 59 per cent of the respondents said they were optimistic about the future, 47 per cent remained sceptical about the peace process. Only 26 per cent believed it was still alive.

A two-state solution is favoured by 57 per cent of the respondents whilst 24 per cent prefers a binational state. Another 12 per cent wants a Palestinian and an Islamic state from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean.  

In the upcoming Palestinian presidential elections, Abu Mazen is leading the pack of candidates with 32 per cent of support. Marwan Barghouti follows with 26 per cent.

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