Saleh on Yemeni TV: We support multi-party participation
Yemen's president, still in Riyadh, had burn marks and bandaged arms from June 3rd attack. His recorded statements for state TV have led to demonstrations of joy in the capital, Sanaa.
Sanaa (AsiaNews / Agencies) - Appearing on television for the first time since an assassination attempt just a month ago, the president of Yemen Ali Abdullah Saleh has said he is ready to share power within a constitutional framework. Saleh who is in Riyadh recovering from the attack, showed signs of burns on his face, which was covered with stubble, rather than by his large mustache. His arms were wrapped in bandages. (06/06/2011 Yemenis celebrate Saleh’s departure, but doubt linger over his possible return).

"We are not against participation, we are in favour of participation by all political parties, whether in government or opposition, but in light of a program shared with the people," he said in the interview recorded and transmitted to the Yemeni TV. Immediately after the attack of June 3 Saleh flew to Saudi Arabia to be hospitalized, and did not yield power even in the face of increasingly large demonstrations demanding his removal, after 33 uninterrupted years of rule.

Saleh said television interview: "I have suffered burns as a result of the incident. And operations were performed on a number of State officials, such as the President of Parliament, the Prime Minister, his Deputy, and the governor of Sanaa. More than 87 people were injured". Immediately after the television broadcast, Sanaa exploded in fireworks and gunshots, in a sign of joy.

Saleh did not say when he would return to Yemen. Investigations have shown that a large amount of TNT was placed in the mosque, where Saleh attends Friday prayers. Protests for a change of power have resulted in at least 350 deaths. Saleh shortly before the attack had refused to sign an agreement brokered by the Gulf countries which provided for a gradual transfer of power.