Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnamese and Chinese pray for the Pope and young people at WYD
by J.B. Vu
In conjunction with the meeting in Madrid, in the parish of Francis Xavier schedules joint gatherings and celebrations. The faithful also intend to show that there is no "discrimination" between Vietnamese Catholics and those of Chinese origin. Missionary and pastoral activities promoted, under the banner of unity.
Ho Chi Minh City (AsiaNews) - Vietnamese Catholics and Catholics in Vietnam of Chinese descent are praying for the pope and young people around the world gathered in Madrid for the XXVI edition of World Youth Day (WYD), in the parish of Francis Xavier in Ho Chi Minh City in southern Vietnam. Founded January 10, 1902 and frequented mostly by Chinese descendants , it now boasts more than 3,500 faithful and Masses are celebrated in Vietnamese and Mandarin. The moments of common prayer for Benedict XVI and the youth in Spain, want to emphasize that there is "no discrimination" between Chinese and Vietnamese Catholics, just as there are strong signs of Vietnamese aggression against Chinese expansionism in the Yellow Sea.

All the vicars of the parishes of the former Saigon urged the faithful, Catholic associations, and especially young people to pray for WYD, which closes tomorrow, August 21. In the parish of Francis Xavier - the one formed by Chinese Vietnamese in Ho Chi Minh City - the event has turned into an opportunity to emphasize that there is no discrimination between Catholics, regardless of their ethnic belonging. And the pastoral and missionary activities in society should be promoted in unity and mutual cooperation, as has happened in these last days.

From Sunday, August 14, the parish of Francis Xavier has opened the doors to the faithful, asking them to pray for the young people of WYD under the motto " lighting the love ". The vicar Fr Tru Huynh addressed the young people pointing out that "today is your day" and invited them to share the moment of celebration with traditional Vietnamese and Chinese songs, prayers and dances,. The participants appreciated the performance of a group of Catholic students of the Ho Chi Minh City music Institute.

Sunday the gathering will end with a Eucharistic procession and adoration of the crucifix by the youth of the community, while a group of Catholic leaders have prayed and asked God for a special blessing for the pope and young people of WYD, accepting the invitation launched previously by Benedict XVI.