World leaders "friends of Libya" meet in Paris. Saif al-Islam calls for resistance until victory
Focus on releasing funds, the reconstruction of the oil industry and the diplomatic recognition of the country's new government. So far only 40 countries recognize the National Transitional Council. Gaddafi's son contemptuously warns that there are 20 thousand armed men to fight in Sirte. The other son, Saadi, negotiates his surrender. Foreign Minister Abdel Al-Obeidi arrested.
Tripoli (AsiaNews / Agencies) - World leaders will meet today in Paris to discuss and plan post-Gaddafi Libya. Meanwhile, a son of Rais is urging loyalists to fight to the death.

The Paris meeting, convoked by President Nicolas Sarkozy, includes delegates from 60 nations. Besides those who wanted the war against Gaddafi - France, Great Britain, United States, Italy – a Russian representative will also be present. Moscow was one of the last to recognize the National Transitional Council (CNT). UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon, will also attend.

The release of Libyan funds, which are used to pay salaries of bureaucrats - for months without pay – as well as the reconstruction of the country, especially its oil industry will be the focus of talks.

The possibility of training for police forces to maintain security in the country during this transition, the forthcoming elections and the diplomatic recognition of the new rulers will also be discussed. So far, 40 countries recognize the NTC.

There are doubts about the democratic prospects for Libya, as well NTC unity, formed mostly by people formerly connected to the Rais and from different groups.

Meanwhile, on the ground, the situation is quiet: there are still some pockets of resistance. Last night, in an audio message released by a Syrian television channel, Gaddafi’s son, Saif al-Islam, sent a message promising "resistance continues and victory is near." He also assured her that his father is well and that 20 thousand loyalists are ready for the battle of Sirte. The city of Sirte, Gaddafi's home, is also the site of his tribal base. The rebels believe that the Rais is hidden there and have given an ultimatum for surrender by Saturday 3 September.

A contemptuous Saif responded: "They're welcome if they think the battle of Sirte will be a walkover. Twenty thousand armed men are in the town and ready,” to fight "

But the resistance of the Gaddafi family is cracking. Only last night another one of Gaddafi's sons, Saadi, said he was ready to surrender in order to "stop the bloodshed in Libya." In an audio message released by Al-Arabiya, he called the rebels "brothers" and said that if “my surrender stops the spilling of blood, I am ready to give myself up tonight "

Mahdi al Harati, vice president of the military council of the rebels, said that negotiations are underway for Saadi’s surrender.

Yesterday on Gaddafi's foreign minister, Abdel al-Obeidi was also arrested. According to Reuters, Obeidi was arrested at his country house at Janzour, on the outskirts of Tripoli.