In Dagestan, a beach under Sharia
"Women’s Mountain " inaugurated in Makhachkala. Access permitted only to female swimmers and children. Even the lifeguards will be exclusively female.
Moscow (AsiaNews) - A beach for women only, in accordance with sharia, was opened in Makhachkala, the capital of the republic of Dagestan, a high-level terrorist area but which the Kremlin is trying to turn into a tourist destination, as throughout the North Caucasus.

The name of the beach is special " Women’s Mountain ", as announced at the presentation ceremony on September 7 by Khanum Aliyeva, deputy mayor of the city on the Caspian Sea.

Access to the beach will be permitted only to women and children under six years of age, while the staff, including lifeguards, will be exclusively women, added Aliyeva quoted by Itar-Tass. He later explained: "Very often due to prejudices, attitudes and lack of security, women can not enjoy the benefits of a swim or sea air. But now more and more women in our country, and abroad, are asking to be able to relax on the beaches of Makhachkala. "

The " Women’s Mountain " is located in the district of Reduktorny and is divided into two parts: one equipped with wooden cabins and the other the beach itself. The structure was financed by private investors with the support of the local the city council. (N.A.)