Bishop and residents against construction of Kudankalam nuclear power plant
by Nirmala Carvalho
The chief minister of the state stops the Indo-Russian nuclear plant project and the people break their hunger strike. Bishop Yvon Ambroise: "The Church is supporting this good cause," because "people's lives are more valuable than any investment."
Chennai (AsiaNews) - The inhabitants of the village of Idinthakarai (Tamil Nadu) have won their battle against the construction of the Indo-Russian nuclear power plant in Kudankalam J. Jayalitha, chief minister of the State yesterday ordered a halt on the project. For 12 days, people have carried out a hunger strike in protest. The Bishop of Tuticorin along with 25 priests all took part in the fasting. "After Fukushima - says Mgr. Yvon Ambroise - people felt that the Kudankulam project was a serious safety hazard. "

On 11 September, more than 127 people had begun to fast in protest against the Russian nuclear plant project in Kudankalam. The plant is located 600 kilometers from Chennai. In recent years, the project (started in 1997) has suffered several postponements due to delays in supply of components.

Bishop Ambroise says: "The Church is made up of people who live in society and therefore has a duty to concern Herself with their lives and their welfare. Every Christian should take an interest in social problems, particularly those that have an impact on people's daily lives. " As in the case of the Kudankulam nuclear power, "a just cause - the bishop adds - that the Church supports. We must protest and make our voices heard. "

Mgr. Ambrose had criticized the attitude of the Government of Tamil Nadu in dealing with the situation - which became critical after the explosion of the nuclear power plant in Fukushima in Japan last March - which "has invested more than 13 thousand rupees (approximately 1 9 billion euros) in the construction of two nuclear reactors, instead of thinking about life and survival of people living around the project site ... Much more precious than any money spent. "