Egypt in the eye of the storm. Today the "march of a million" against the Military Council
The civilian government submits resignation, after police violence in Tahrir Square, but yet to be accepted. The opposition demands that the Supreme Council of the armed forces hands over authority to civilians.
Cairo (AsiaNews / Agencies) - The civilian government led by Essam Sharaf has submitted its resignation but the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) has not yet decided whether to accept it or not, and consultations are underway between the military and the various political forces to find a way out of the situation. Meanwhile Tahrir Square is slowly filling up with the protesters' ahead of the “march of a million” scheduled for the afternoon, after overnight clashes continued sporadically between security forces and opposition groups. Police targeted journalists in particular. The photographer Masry al-Yaum lost an eye, a journalist of the same newspaper was hit on the chin by a rubber bullet.

The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood announced, in a statement on their website, that it will not participate in the demonstration organized today in Tahrir Square, Cairo, against the Supreme Council of the armed forces. The party that refers to the Muslim Brotherhood, 'Freedom' and justice, "says it does not want to "drag the people into more bloody clashes with political parties who seek to benefit from the tensions''. The appeal for today's march was launched above all by the Coalition of Revolution Youth and the "6 April" Movement, which spearheaded the revolt that led to the downfall of Mubarak. Opposition parties demand that the SCAF assigns power to a civilian government.

The stand off between security forces and demonstrators in Tahrir Square, now in its third day, has resulted in at least 33 victims, according to medical sources said. Most of them had gunshot wounds. The wounded were at least 1250, according to the Ministry of Health. In addition to Tahrir Square, there are demonstrations in Alexandria, Suez and other Egyptian cities. On November 28th parliamentary elections should take place.