The economic crisis is frightening China. New security measures to prevent social unrest
The Politburo calls on regional officials to improve the management of social problems caused by the economic crisis. Announced tighter controls on Internet sites, increased policing and new funds for the unemployed.
Beijing (AsiaNews / Agencies) - Beijing has announced new measures to prevent social unrest and strikes caused by the economic crisis. Zhou Yongkang, member of the Politburo has asked provincial officials to improve the "management of social problems" to prevent further uprisings. The proposals range from an increase in monitoring of web sites and police numbers to funds for the unemployed.

"It is an urgent task for us to think how to establish a social management system with Chinese characteristics to suit our socialist market economy” Zhou said. -

The decline in demand for imported goods in Europe and the United States - a direct result of the ongoing global crisis – is hitting "the world’s factory", China, hard. While the workers' protests against the government and industry increase, and corruption and denial of rights of workers are lowering wages and increasing unemployment.

In recent months there have been many signs of a slowdown in the Chinese economy. Between June and September, the growth rate stood at 9.1%, the lowest in the last two years. Last week, the production showed a sharp decline and the government has cut funding for banks to improve financial assistance.

Recently, protests have multiplied in China. In Shanghai on December 2, 1000 workers from the "Hi-P International" a subcontractor for Apple and Hewlett Packard, went on strike for two days against a series of layoffs and police violence against workers caused several injuries. In November, more than 7 thousand workers went on strike against layoffs and pay cuts in the southern province of Guangdong, while hundreds more protested in Shenzhen to demand payment of overtime.