More Christian bloodshed in Mosul, husband and wife killed in ambush
by Joseph Mahmoud
Shop owners Adnan Elia Jakmakji and Raghad al Tawil were gunned down last night. Their two children are wounded but survived. They were in their car when it was ambushed. Source tells AsiaNews that Christians are concerned ahead of Christmas.
Mosul (AsiaNews) – The Christian community in Mosul has been the victim of another targeted murder. The city in northern Iraq has seen a long series of bloody attacks against minority Christians. A local source, anonymous for security reasons, told AsiaNews that last night “a Christian man and his wife were gunned down” but their two children who were with them survived. A few days ago, Muslim extremist groups, egged on by a local imam, attacked Christian shops in Zakho, Iraqi Kurdistan. Beginning on 2 December and for several days, dozens of shops were torched and at least 30 people wounded in Dohok.

In yesterday’s ambush, Adnan Elia Jakmakji, 34, and his wife Raghad al Tawil, 25, were killed in their car in the 17 July neighbourhood, east of the city. Their two children were with them. The two died instantly whilst the children were wounded. The latter’s life is not in danger.

According to early reports, the armed group ambushed the family, firing many bullets at the car. The attackers then fled the scene, undisturbed, without leaving any traces.

The family owns a small shop but it is unclear whether the murder was linked somehow to their business. Funerals will be held tonight in the Immaculate Chaldean Church in Mosul.

“Right now, security is getting worse,” the source said, “and Christians are concerned in view of the upcoming Christmas celebrations.”

The Christian community in northern Iraq has been the victim of a war between Arabs, Turkmen and Kurds for control over the region’s huge oil reserves.

The US pullout, to be completed by the end of the year, could cause further instability and violence.