Pope bids "Adios" to Mexicans, with an invitation to nourish their Christian roots
Benedict XVI concludes his visit to Mexico with greetings to the authorities and thousands of enthusiastic faithful. The Pope stresses faith in Christ and devotion to Our Lady, that he encountered among Christians and asks them to "not be intimidated by the powers of evil ", but to work with courage in society against the utilitarian mentality and for "a worthy life , just and at peace with everyone. " The "worrying signs " and Christians as "good citizens". The thanks of President Felipe Calderon.

Guanajuato (AsiaNews) - "Dear Mexican friends, I say to you "Adios!" in the traditional sense of this fine Hispanic expression: remain with God! Yes, "Adios!"; for ever in the love of Christ, in which we meet each other and will again meet with one another. May the Lord bless you and may Mary Most Holy protect you!". These were the last words that Benedict XVI addressed to the authorities and the thousands of faithful gathered at the airport at Guanajuato, just before boarding the plane that brought him to Cuba, the second leg of this journey in Central America and the Caribbean.

Visibly moved, the pope briefly traced his three days Mexico, which saw hundreds of thousands of enthusiastic people gathered for "Benedito", to the chant "Benedicto hermano, ya eres mexicano!" ("Benedict, brother, you are already a Mexican!").

"Recognizing the faith in Jesus Christ - he said - which I have felt resounding in your hearts, and your affectionate devotion to his Mother, invoked here with beautiful titles like Our Lady of Guadalupe and Our Lady of Light, a light I have seen reflected in your faces, I wish to reiterate clearly and with vigour a plea to the Mexican people to remain faithful to yourselves, not to let yourselves be intimidated by the powers of evil, but to be valiant and to work to ensure that the sap of your Christian roots may nourish your present and your future".

The Pope mentioned "expressions of concern," " some more recent and others longstanding, which continue to cause such great distress". At almost every stage of the visit, the pope spoke of violence, drug trafficking, poverty, the idol of wealth. For all this, the pope has promised to " share in the joys and the suffering of my Mexican brothers and sisters, so as to place them in prayer at the foot of the Cross, in the heart of Christ, from which flow the blood and water of redemption."

"In these circumstances - he added - In these circumstances, I strongly urge Mexican Catholics, and all men and women of good will, not to yield to a utilitarian mentality which always leads to the sacrifice of the weakest and most defenceless. I invite you to a common effort so that society can be renewed from the ground up, in order to attain a life of dignity, justice and peace for everyone."

Until a few years ago, the Mexican Church was banished from social life because of radical Masonic government that dominated the country for almost the entire twentieth century. Underlining the new situation and entrusting new tasks, Benedict XVI urged "to be good citizens, conscious of their responsibility to be concerned for the good of all, both in their personal lives and throughout society" .

In his speech, which preceded that of the pope, President Felipe de Jesús Calderón Hinojosa noted "the joy of children and young people of Mexico," and asked the pope to take with him also the "tears" of the Mexicans who in the presence of the Pope have found "a new hope". And finally he thanked him on behalf of "millions and millions of Mexicans."