Ankara sends war jets to Syrian border
Turkish government responds to the provocations of Assad and continues its policy of "zero tolerance" against the actions of the Syrian army on the frontier. In recent days, Turkey has sent missile batteries and armored vehicles. Failure of International Meeting on Syria, in Geneva on 30 November.

Istanbul (AsiaNews / Agencies) - Tension rises between Damascus and Ankara. Today, the Turkish army deployed six F16 fighters on the Syrian border, in response to Syrian military helicopters flying too close to the border.

After the shooting down of the Turkish jet on 22 June, Ankara has decided to strengthen the defense on the 500 kilometer border with Syria, announcing "zero tolerance" against the incursions of the army of Assad. In addition to the military war planes sent in recent days, they are also sending  missile batteries and armored vehicles.

For 16 months, the government in Ankara has supported the rebels of the Free Syrian Army, formed precisely in Turkish territory, allowing them to take refuge in secret camps, where today there are about 30 thousand refugees. Some experts say the Turkish army, also provide the guerrillas weapons, equipment and training.

Meanwhile, the Syrian International Meeting held in Geneva on 30 June, attended by UN, U.S., Europe, the Arab League countries - excluding Saudi Arabia - Russia and China ended with a stalemate. The conference was organized to re-examine the hypothesis of a transitional government without Assad and the full implementation of the peace plan of Kofi Annan. As on other occasions Beijing and Moscow were against any attempt to overthrow Assad without the consent of all the Syrian people. The disappointing result of the meeting was also criticized by the opposition in the Syrian press which emphasized that "the international community has once again failed to adopt a common position to put an end to the Assad regime's crimes against the Syrian people. The new agreement contains blind spots that give another opportunity for the regime to play with time to suppress a popular revolution and to silence the violence with killings".