Saudi women must unveil their face for identity checks
Currently there is only a picture of the designated “guardian" and only the names of family members. But from now on woman officials will see the uncovered faces of Saudi women.

Riyadh (AsiaNews / Agencies) - Saudi women will be able to put a picture of their identity documents and will have to show their face to agents (woman) in charge of checks. The order came from the Shoura Council, the highest advisory body to the country that has rejected a proposal that would allow women to keep her face veiled, while their identity should be verified by fingerprints.

The Shoura has instead accepted the request that female officers see the uncovered faces of Saudi women.

Currently,  ID cards are issued to the "guardian" (male) with his photo. There are only names of other family members (wives, daughters, sisters, etc..).

The Minister of the Interior is responsible for the implementation of the project to put the pictures of women on identity documents. Initially it will focus on candidates for female colleges, women who are seeking employment, social insurance and women who want a passport.