Presidential elections in Korea, Ahn announces: I will join Moon
by Joseph Yun Li-sun
The two Democratic candidates will form a joint front against the Conservatives and demand a ceiling on election expenses. Mystery still shrouds the candidate to challenge Park: The name will only be announced after November 25.

Seoul (AsiaNews) - The Democratic candidates for president of South Korea have formally announced the merger of their candidacy. Even if the name of who will run for the presidency is still unknown, Cheon-soo Ahn and Moon Jae-in announced this morning that their staff are working together on a joint proposals to present a package of "political, economic and security" reforms. On November 26, they will pock a single candidate.

According to Ahn - a science tycoon - the question "The key agenda for the next president are economy, national security and political reform. By suggesting joint visions on these three issues, candidate Moon and I will be able to display the philosophy and blueprint of the next government". Despite the fine statements, however, the union (already ventilated last week) was postponed due to some polls revealing the country to be less divided than it looks.

The elections are scheduled for next December 19. In addition to Ahn - an independent candidate - and Moon - expression of the Democratic Party -  Park Geun-hye is also in the running. The woman, the daughter of former Korean dictator Park, is the from the conservative Saenuri and is supported by domestic financial world. For this reason, the two Democrats have called for a cap on election spending: "We must free ourselves from the power of money and organizations."