Pope to governments: have the courage to teach young people "the right values"
Receiving a group of ambassadors, Benedict XVI speaks of the need to educate young people in a world experiencing "unprecedented human, cultural, social and spiritual fractures " and in which the social networks tend to become "the only reference point for information and knowledge. "

Vatican City (AsiaNews) - Have the courage to promote an education to "the right values" in a time when "the evolution of ways of life and of knowledge has created human, cultural, social and spiritual fractures unprecedented in the history of 'humanity "and in which the social networks tend to become" the only point of reference for information and knowledge. "

The education of young people continues to be a central theme of the Pope Benedict's pontificate and today he addressed an invitation to the governments of Guinea, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Niger, Zambia, Thailand and Sri Lanka to have the "courage" to educate respecting a healthy anthropology "and a" serious reflection "on the cultural and spiritual heritage of the different nations.

Speaking to the ambassadors of the six countries, received in audience for the presentation of credentials, Benedict XVI highlighted a situation in which many young people want to "rapidly succeed in achieving an important social and professional status" with "minimal effort" while "ignoring the required training, skills and experience".

"I call once more on governments - he concluded - to have the courage to work on the consolidation of moral authority - understood as a call to a coherent life - necessary for a true and healthy upbringing of the younger generation."