Four Oscars for Taiwanese director Ang Lee’s 'Life of Pi’
The statuettes for best director, cinematography, special effects and music. The importance of Taiwan for having granted spaces and for its advanced computer techniques needed to recreate the scenes. The drama highlights the dialogue between religions and the clash between East and West. Daniel Day-Lewis, Jennifer Lawrence, Anne Hathaway also win awards.

Taipei (AsiaNews / Agencies) - "Life of Pi", a film with exceptional cinematography and a story that blends Eastern and Western cultures, has won four Academy Awards in the 2013 Oscars. The director Ang Lee, 58, won the statuette for Best Director: The other awards went to cinematography, special effects and music.

"Life of Pi" is the film adaptation of a novel by the Canadian Yann Martel. It tells the story of the passage to adulthood of a young Indian (Suraj Sharma) as he navigates a wreck in the company of a tiger. In the drama, the film explores the interior life of the young man who grew up in a multi-religious context -Hindu, Muslim, Christian - who on his journey collides with the Western world marked by contempt and division.

Receiving the Oscar, Ang Lee thanked the more than 3 thousand people who worked with him on the film. He also thanked his family and especially his wife, to who he has been married for nearly 30 years.

The "Life of Pi" was shot 80% in Taiwan, over nearly four and a half years, creating scenes in the space of a disused airfield in Taichung. Many scenes computerized, using the most advanced techniques and a production in 3-D.

Among the other winners Oscar, Daniel Day-Lewis as best actor in the film "Lincoln" Jennifer Lawrence, best actress in the film "Silver Linings Playbook", Anne Hathaway, Best Supporting Actress in the film "Les Miserables".