For Indian contemplatives, with Pope Francis God has fulfilled our wishes
by Nirmala Carvalho
Sister Gemma, prioress of cloistered Carmelite nuns in Mumbai, talks about the joy and happiness generated by the election of the new pontiff. Pope Francis bowing to the faithful and the silent square were a "great moment for the whole Church".

Mumbai (AsiaNews) - "God gave us a new pope with a heart like that of Jesus, responding with generosity to our wishes," said Sister Gemma, prioress at a cloistered Carmelite priory in Mumbai, who celebrated the election of Pope Francis with AsiaNews.

Last night, she and her fellow nuns followed one of the many live broadcasts of events in Saint Peter's Square. "When we saw the white smoke come out of the chimney on the Sistine Chapel we were filled with happiness. It grew when Car Tauran said 'Habemus Papam'.

"When we saw the pope come out and stand on the balcony overlooking the square, our hearts leapt with joy, overflowing with gratitude for God.

"When the Holy Father spoke in such a sweet way, thanking Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI and recited Our Father, Hail Mary and the Gloria, we truly felt the simplicity of his heart."

For Sister Gemma, the most intense moment came when Pope Francis "called on the faithful to pray for him, bowing for a minute of silence along with all the pilgrims present in the square. This moment of silence in which people were silent in praising and worshipping the Heavenly Father was a great moment for the whole Church."

The choice by a Jesuit of the name Francis was a source of great joy. "The name of Saint Francis" refers to the "saint closest to the heart of Jesus, the saint of poverty and simplicity."