Taipei rally against Beijing's anti-secession law

Taipei (AsiaNews/Agencies) – Taiwan's ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has confirmed it will organise a massive rally against Beijing's anti-secession law that China's National People's Congress should pass by March 14.

"We hope to mass about 500,000 people to take part in a march in Taipei to protest against the Chinese law," said DPP secretary-general Su Tseng-chang.

Mr Su urged all citizens to take part in the rally, especially members of the Kuomintang.

It remains however unclear whether Taiwanese President Chen Shui-bian will attend. Mr Chen, who has not yet taken a public stand on the proposed law, has never the less stated that he appreciated US opposition to the law.

The US government has in fact rejected the legislation, arguing that it was not helpful in settling cross-strait disputes.

Beijing's response to Washington was swift. Foreign Ministry spokesman Kong Quan said: "We oppose these irresponsible remarks on this law. We hope the US side can understand China's actions and not do anything to embolden pro-Taiwan independence actions".