Tibet, 120th self-immolation: Buddhist nun sets herself on fire against China
Identity and condition of woman still unknown. The nun was participating in a religious meeting, when she decided to carry out the gesture. The Chinese authorities cut telephone lines and internet.

Dharamsala (AsiaNews) - A Tibetan Buddhist nun set herself on fire in the county of Tawu (Sichuan province) yesterday afternoon, to protest against Chinese rule in Tibet. The woman - whose identity is not yet known - carried out the gesture during a religious meeting that was held near the monastery of Nyatso.

There is no news about her conditions, but in Nepal Tibetan sources quoted by Radio Free Asia (RFA) report that she was brought immediately to a hospital in Kangding County.

"After the protests - say sources - the Chinese authorities cut all telephone lines and internet was blocked. There is no way to get more detailed information on the name of the nun, her age or condition."

The nun's is the 120th self-immolation since February 2009, when protests against China exploded once again demanding full religious freedom and the return of the Dalai Lama to Tibet.

The nun decided to set herself on fire during the Jan Gunchoe (see photo), an annual religious gathering held in the monastery of Nyatso. Beginning on June 10, the event was attended by more than 5 thousand monks from more than 50 monasteries in the area.