Pope: Jesus made us children of God forever, an "identity card" that no one can take from us
During morning Mass, commenting on the Gospel story of the paralytic, Francis points out that the real miracle is the world's reconciliation with God, the new creation. "This is Jesus’ most profound mission. The redemption of all of us sinners, and Jesus, does this not with words, not with gestures, not walking on the road, no, He does it with his flesh."

Vatican City (AsiaNews) - Jesus has made us children of God forever, it is an "identity card" that no one can steal,  the fruit of his "most profound miracle", reconciling the world to God'.  The healing of the Paralytic , as told in today's Gospel, inspired Pope Francis' reflection on the "great miracle" of Jesus, the "recreation of the world."

At the center of the Pope's homily, Vatican Radio reports, was the phrase Jesus addresses to the paralytic, "courage, child, your sins are forgiven." Perhaps, Francis added, this person was a bit "disappointed" because he wanted to heal physically. Then, in the face of criticism of the scribes who accused him of blasphemy - "because only God can forgive sins" - Jesus heals him also in body. In fact, the healing, teaching, strong words against the hypocrisy were "only a sign, a sign of something more that Jesus was doing," that is, the forgiveness of sins: in Jesus the world is reconciled to God, this is the "most profound miracle".

"This reconciliation is the recreation of the world: This is Jesus' most profound mission. The redemption of all of us sinners, and Jesus, does this not with words, not with gestures, not walking on the road, no! He does it with his flesh! It is He, God, who becomes one of us, man, to heal us from the inside, us sinners".  Jesus frees us from sin by Himself becoming "sin," taking upon himself "all sin" and "this is the new creation." Jesus' comes down from glory and lowers Himself, until his death, even death on a Cross" to the point that He cries out:" Father, why have you forsaken me".  "Such is the glory of God and this is our salvation."

"This is the greatest miracle and what does Jesus do with this? He makes us children, with the freedom of the children. Because of what Jesus did we can say: 'Father'. Otherwise, we would have never been able to say this: 'Father! . 'And being able to say 'Father' with such a good and beautiful attitude, with freedom! This is the great miracle of Jesus. We, the slaves of sin, He freed us all, he healed us right in the depths of our existence. It would do us good to think about this and think that it is wonderful to be a child, this freedom of being children is so beautiful, because the child is at home and Jesus has opened the doors of the house to us ... We are now at home. "

Now - concluded the Pope - we understand when Jesus says, "Courage child, your sins are forgiven". "That is the root of our courage. I'm free, I am a child ... I am loved by the Father, and I love the Father! Let us ask the Lord for the grace to understand this work of art, that God has created in Him; God has reconciled the world to Himself in Christ, entrusting to us the message of reconciliation and grace to carry on with strength, with the freedom of being His children, this word of reconciliation. We are saved in Jesus Christ! And no one can rob us of this identity card. My name is this: I am a child of God! What a beautiful identity card! Civil status: Free! So be it. "