Indian Imam: Social networks create problems, ban women from using them
Responding to questions raised by more than a thousand Muslims of Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh), a religious leader condemns the damage created by Facebook and Twitter.

Lucknow (AsiaNews / Agencies) - Publishing personal photos on social networking sites is against shari'a, especially if they are of women. This is according to Saif Abbas, an imam of Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh), in his response to questions made to a local help line, set up for the period of Ramadan.

Along with other Islamic leaders, the religious cleric discussed the usefulness of platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Of the many calls received, more than a thousand related to the use of social networks, defined by the imams "a waste of time", the "interactions are not real and may in time lead to problems."

But the point to which Saif Abbas and his "colleagues" returned more than once was the behavior of women. "Is it okay to post photos of someone for business reasons or for a good cause - he specified - but women can only show their faces to their father, brothers and husband. Social networks violate purdah".

Purdah is the principle that men - who are not family - cannot see women.