Pope: Syrian "tragedy" "can only be resolved through dialogue and negotiation".
At the General audience, Francis speaks again of the “Mother Church ". “A good mother who shows us the path to travel in life, who always knows how to be patient , compassionate , understanding, and knows how to put ourselves in God's hands ." Also present were a delegation from the Ministry of Religious Affairs of Vietnam and the bishops of the Latin Church of the Holy Land, Syria, Jordan , Iraq, Lebanon , Somalia and the Gulf countries.

Vatican City ( AsiaNews ) - The Syrian " human tragedy " " can only be resolved through dialogue and negotiation , respect for justice and the dignity of every person , especially the weakest and most defenseless ." Another appeal of Pope Francis for "a diplomatic and political solution to outbreaks of war" in the world and particularly in Syria. An appeal launched at the end of the general audience ahead of next Saturday , 21 September, which the UN has dedicated to peace. An appointment for which the World Council of Churches has called people to prayer.

"I I invite Catholics from around the world to join with other Christians to continue to ask God for the gift of peace in the most troubled parts of our planet. May peace, the gift of Jesus, always live in our hearts and support the intentions and actions of the leaders of nations and all people of good will".

Before the appeal , in his general audience catechesis, the Pope spoke of the Church as "a good mother, who shows us the path to follow in life, a patient , compassionate , understanding mother who knows how to put ourselves in God's hands ." For Pope Francis this is the face of the Church "it is not just how she is , but also the face this Church, our Mother Church should increasingly show."

For the second week in a row, then, the Pope dedicated his audience to the 60 thousand people present in St Peter's Square to the image of the " Mother Church".  Among those present, there was also a delegation from the Ministry of Religious Affairs of Vietnam and the bishops of the Latin Church of the Holy Land , Syria, Jordan , Iraq, Lebanon , Somalia and the Gulf countries.

Francis compared our mothers , in everything they do , living , suffering for their children " and the Church , " a good mother who shows us the path to travel in life, who knows how to always be patient , compassionate , understanding, and to put ourselves in God's hands . "

The Pope highlighted three points: "First of all - he said - they teach us to walk through life , to get on well in life , they know how to guide their children , always try to show them the right path in life to grow up and become adults. A mother does so with tenderness , with love , with love, always, even when she is trying to straighten our path because we have gone a little astray in life or have taken roads that lead towards a cliff . "

"The Church does the same thing : she guides our life, gives us lessons to choose the right path. Think of the Ten Commandments: they show us a way to go to mature, to have some fixed points in the way we behave. It is the result - and listen well: - the Commandments are the result of tenderness, the love of God, who has given them to us . You may say, but they are commands! They are a set of " no", " no", " no" ! I would like to invite you to read them - maybe you have forgotten them a little- and then think of them as positive . You will see that they relate to the way we behave towards God, towards ourselves and towards others , just what a mom teaches us to live in the right way. They invite us not to worship material idols which then enslave us , to remind us of God, to have respect for our parents, to be honest, to respect each other ... Try to see them in this way and to consider them as if they were the words , the teachings of a mother to get on well in life . A mother never teaches what is bad, she always wants only what is good for her children , and so does the Church. "

Second, " when a child grows up , becomes an adult , gets his way , has assumed his responsibilities, walks with his own legs , does what he wants, and , at times, also happens to stray from the road , accidents happen . A mother always , in every situation, has the patience to continue to accompany her children. What drives her is the power of love , a mother knows how to follow her children's journey, even when they are wrong, with discretion, with tenderness and always finds a way to understand , to be close, to help . We say that a mother - in my country we say - that a mother knows ' dar la cara'. What does that mean? A mother knows 'give her all' for her children, to defend them, always . "

"The Church is like this too, She is a merciful mother , who understands , who always tries to help, to encourage even when her children are wrong and they are wrong , She never closes the doors of her home, She does not judge, but offers the forgiveness of God.  She offers His love that invites even in those children who have fallen into a deep abyss to get back on the right path.  A mother is not afraid to go out into the night to give them hope. And the Church is not afraid to go into our night, when we are in the dark place of the soul, the conscience, to give us hope, eh, the Church is a Mother and does as much. "

Finally, "a mother can also ask , knock on every door for their children, without calculation, she does it out of love. And I think about how mothers also know above all to knock at the door of God's heart! Moms pray for both their children, especially the weaker ones, for those who need it most, for those who in life have taken dangerous or wrong roads. "

" And so does the Church". " Because the Church places all of her children into the hands of the Lord, with prayer. Trust that the Lord is not insensitive to the power of prayer of the Mother Church.  He always knows how to surprise us when we least expect it. Mother Church knows this."