China: 92 children, victims of human trafficking and one-child law, freed.
In a raid police also saved two women and arrested 301 traffickers. The children were kidnapped in the south and resold in other regions. An independent report states that every year 200 thousand children disappear in the country, but only 0.1% is recovered. The family planning policy feeds human trafficking.

Beijing (AsiaNews / Agencies) - Chinese police have released 92 children abducted by a network of human traffickers. The officers also saved two women and arrested 301 people involved in the racket. The Ministry of Public Security yesterday spoke of the impressive recovery operation, which covered 11 provinces of the country. According to authorities the traffickers seized them in the small south-western provinces of Yunnan and Sichuan to sell in other regions.

The one-child law and a weak legislation in the field of adoptions - in addition to poverty and traditional preference for male children - have fueled the trafficking of children. Many families buy trafficking victims to use them as cheap, domestic labor, or to give as a bride to their unmarried children. In other cases, many of these children are sold to families who want to adopt, or are forced into prostitution.

The Ministry of Public Security revealed that, last year, the police freed 24 thousand women and children. They had been kidnapped to be sold on the markets for illegal adoptions and prostitution.

According to a report released by the China National Radio, a station that broadcasts across the country, every year about 200 thousand children disappear in China. Of these, only 0.1% was found and freed from the shackles of the racket.