Chinese generals: Friendship with United States undermines politicians and military and will topple China
by Wang Zhicheng
A video produced by two of the PLA General accuses the United States of wanting to topple China as was the case with the USSR and the " Jasmine Revolution " in Tunisia. Patriotism risks hiding the real causes of corruption.

Beijing ( AsiaNews) - The United States Army offers study and personnel exchange programs with the aim of undermining the Chinese state and corrupting members of the army and the government in Beijing. The heavy accusation is contained in a 100-minute video, produced by the National Defence University and the Academy of Social Sciences in Beijing , together with staff of the People's Liberation Army ( PLA) .

"The American elites ... confidently believe that the best way to disorganise China is to work closely with it, allowing it to gradually become part of the US-led international and political system."

The video also said Washington used the same tactics to cause the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 and to influence the "jasmine revolution" that toppled Tunisia's former strongman Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali in 2011.

The producers of the video are two generals: Liu Yazhou , political commissar of the university and Xibin Wang , former president of the university. It appears to be intended for internal distribution but copies have circulated online and state censors had not taken them down.

For years, the United States and China have been cooperating in the exchange of information and personnel. This frontal attack comes at a time when the Party and army are under pressure to try to stop the rampant corruption.

Shanghai based military expert Ni Lexiong, interviewed by the South China Morning Post, said: "The party is reluctant to find out the real reasons behind corruption ... and blaming US infiltration is ... convenient "

Since the 90s, the PLA is one of the pillars of the Chinese economy, managing businesses, taking advantage of military personnel, enjoying monopolies. This has also exposed it to scandals and corruption, the same as the whole organization of the Chinese leadership.

The video seems to attribute all the blame to a scapegoat outside the United States, strongly criticizing the reformist wing of the leadership, which wants greater liberalization and greater international relations.

Since the days of Mao, fear has pervaded Chinese politics of foreign infiltration ideological and " spiritual pollution " from the West .