PIME launches a special fundraiser for Typhoon Haiyan victims
To support the people of the Philippines, you can send donations to the Missions Aid Office of the PIME Onlus Foundation, which will distribute aid through missionaries who are on the ground throughout the Asian nation.

Milan (AsiaNews) - The Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions (PIME ) is launching a fundraiser to help the victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. The cataclysm has hit the Asian country wiping out entire villages and causing the deaths of at least 10 thousand people.

The Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions is mobilizing its network to help the people of the Philippines affected by Typhoon Haiyan that has left behind thousands of deaths and so much devastation. The Missions Aid Office of the PIME Onlus Foundation has opened a fundraiser to transform donations into concrete help for the victims of the catastrophe .

The funds raised will be managed on the ground by the PIME missionaries present in the Philippines since 1968, although not in the places where they carry out their mission among those most directly affected by the typhoon, PIME has also chosen to be a conduit for mobilizing their benefactors in aid of the affected communities. Through contacts made on the spot by the missionaries the funds will go to the rebuilding of destroyed homes and villages.

"We need immediate aid now: food, medicine, clothing - says the PIME regional superior in the Philippines Father Gianni Re speaking from Zamboanga -  But there will be plenty to do even after , for the reconstruction of the devastated areas . "


You can submit an offer to the PIME Onlus Foundation specifying the following code and destination:


Donations can be submitted to the PIME Onlus Foundation in the following ways:

- Donate directly at online www.pimemilano.com
- By postal order c / n . 39208202 in the name of
Fondazione Pime Onlus Via Mosè Bianchi, 94 - 20149 MILANO
- Check or bank draft or postal order to Fondazione Pime Onlus, at the same address
- Bank transfer to
Fondazione Pime Onlus, - Credito Valtellinese SC - Piazza San Fedele , 4 - 20121 MILANO - IBAN IT 11 W 05216 01630 000000005733 .
You are advised to send a copy of the bank transfer by fax to 02 4695193 or via e-mail to uam@pimemilano.com with your name, surname and address (data needed to qualify for tax exemption)
- Credit Card

For more information:
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