Geneva: Foreign Ministers discuss Iranian nuclear deal
The United States, Russia , Britain, China, France and Germany are in the Swiss city for the last phase of the talks. According to rumors , the 5 +1 have accepted the position of Iran on uranium enrichment . The Deputy Iranian Foreign Minister : "We are close to an agreement ," but he will "not confirm nor deny because the talks are not yet completed ."

Geneva (AsiaNews) - The foreign ministers of the United States, Russia, Britain , France, China and Germany are in Geneva to discuss a nuclear deal with Iran. The arrival in the Swiss city of Ministers of the Group 5 +1 ( the UN Security Council plus Berlin) suggests a real opportunity to find a meeting point between the two positions . "Informed" sources of the Iranian network Press TV, yesterday reported that the six "powers " have accepted Tehran's right to enrich uranium . Seyyed Abbas Araqchi , Deputy Iranian Foreign Minister for Legal and International Affairs , commented on these rumors , saying he "can not confirm nor deny " that the differences have been resolved " because the talks are not yet completed ."

For the moment, the two positions remain unchanged. Iran asks to be able to enrich uranium in its power plants and firmly denies developing nuclear weapons . The 5 +1 hope instead to persuade Tehran to freeze the production of uranium enriched to 20 % in exchange for a lifting of economic sanctions.

Since the beginning of this third summit on Iran's nuclear program, France seemed to be the only supporter of hard-line sanctions and isolation. Upon his arrival in Geneva , however , Laurant Fabius - Foreign Minister - said: "I want an agreement, a solid agreement . I'm here to work until the end ."

Meanwhile , Tehran maintains cautious tones . Araqchi yesterday said they were " closer to an agreement," adding that " despite the progress made ‚Äč‚Äčtoday, some issues remain" on both sides .