Egyptian court bans Hamas activities in Egypt
The court shuts down the movement's offices in the country. Hamas slams the Egyptian court's decision because it "harms the image of Egypt and its role towards the Palestinian cause". In recent months, Egyptian authorities destroyed most of the 1,200 tunnels with Gaza.

Cairo (AsiaNews/Agencies) - An Egyptian court today "ordered the banning of Hamas work and activities in Egypt" and the seizure of its assets. The Palestinian organisation controls Gaza Strip.

The court also shut down Hamas offices in Egypt, but did not label it as a terrorist group since it had no jurisdiction in the matter.

Hamas condemned the ruling. "The decision harms the image of Egypt and its role towards the Palestinian cause," said Sami Abu Zuhri, a spokesman for the Gaza-based group.

The reasons for the court's decision have not yet been disclosed, but the latter stems from the new attitude towards the group, which is tied to the Muslim Brotherhood, by the authorities in Cairo after the ouster of President Mohamed Morsi.

Since then, the Egyptian government has, among other things, destroyed most of the 1,200 tunnels (pictured) used to smuggle food, cars and weapons into the coastal enclave, which is under an Israeli blockade.

Egypt's current rulers have accused Hamas of plotting with Morsi to organise terrorist attacks in the country.

Several Hamas members are among the defendants in the trial against the former president.

Similarly, the Palestinian group has been accused of supporting Islamist groups close to al Qaeda in the Sinai, charges it has rejected.