Mgr Zenari: pope feels in his heart the suffering of the Syrian people
For the nuncio to Damascus, the Syrian conflict is being "forgotten". The pontiff is appreciated by Christians and Muslims, by the Syrian people and Syrian authorities. The pope calls for "a bit more humanity".

Vatican City (AsiaNews) - Unlike the international community, which is likely to forget the Syrian conflict, Pope Francis "feels in his heart" the suffering of the Syrian people; in fact, he "regularly follows it," said Mgr Mario Zenari, apostolic nuncio to Syria. Speaking on Vatican Radio, the nuncio also reiterated Francis' appeal for "a bit more humanity" in Syria.

Mgr Zenari, who was received by the pontiff this morning, expressed "the anxieties, suffering, and hopes of an entire nation."

"I went to see him because unfortunately I realise that, even at the international level, the Syrian conflict - like similar cases - is going to be forgotten and this hurts a lot," the prelate said.

Still, "Seeing that the Holy Father feels in his heart the suffering of these people is encouraging," he added.

The pope "tasked me to pass on his sense of kinship to everyone without distinction, to Christians and the entire population. Whether they are Christian or Muslim, everyone admires the Pope. From ordinary citizens to the authorities, they all have great admiration" for him.

The nuncio to Damascus said that he would pass on the pope's sense of kinship "to all the people who are suffering from this terrible tragedy."

On 7 September, the pope led a prayer vigil in Saint Peter's Square for peace in Syria, a gesture replicated in all the churches of the world (pictured). This act helped prevent a worldwide military escalation in the conflict. Eventually, peace talks followed in Geneva, which so far have not led to any result.