Hong Kong, thousands take to streets for the 25th anniversary of the Tiananmen massacre
Ahead of the great vigil on the eve of June 4, the Democratic Alliance challenges a pro-China demonstration on the hottest day of the year, to demand the truth and justice over the repression of the democratic movement of 1989 .

Hong Kong ( AsiaNews / Agencies) - About 3 thousand people braved the scorching heat of Hong Kong to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre. Lee Cheuk- yan, chairman of the Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements in China, which organized yesterday's event, said he was "very satisfied" with the turnout - double the 1,600 who marched last year. "Hongkongers see the June 4 vigil as more important than the march so I think they will still come out on Wednesday to remember June 4" He was referring to the great vigil held on the eve of June 4 every year to remember those who died in 1989.

The protesters braved the approximately 33.2 degrees in the afternoon  and marched from Victoria Park to the offices of the local government in Admiralty . During the event, the group came face to face with the counter-demonstration of the " Campaign for the truth about the June 4" , a pro - Beijing group that believes that the 1989 repression  was "reasonable" in view of the great achievements of China following its suppression of democracy.

The two groups exchanged insults until police intervened to calm tensions. Choi Suk-fong, a former journalist who witnessed the killings in Tiananmen Square, said activists who defended Beijing were "hurting the victims' families a second time". At the end of the march, a group of about 200 people tried to enter government offices in a toy tank.

After being stopped by the police, one of them - former teacher Hon Lin -shan - said:"If you think this toy tank is dangerous, then you [police] are more immature than kindergarten students ... the only thing dangerous is the Communist Party. Police have a responsibility to serve the people."