Korean pop stars make music video to celebrate Pope Francis’ visit
The song is titled "Koinonia" and is a symbol of friendship and sharing, to "present to the Pope on his arrival". Argentinian Pope’s journey "a source of hope." The stars have signed up for free, because "it is an honor to be part of it”. The song will be preformed during the beatification ceremony of the Korean Martyrs.

Seoul (AsiaNews) - More than 20 celebrities from South Korea's music and entertainment industry have come together to create a video clip (click here to view) in honor of Pope Francis ahead of his forthcoming apostolic journey to the nation from August 14 to 18. The initiative, according to its' promoters, aims to overcome religious differences. The actor Ahn Sung-ki, one of the organizers of the event, explained that "if we are united in prayer for others [through the music], this could be the most beautiful bouquet of flowers that we could present to the Pope on his arrival".

The Korea Herald reports that the video titled "Koinonia" is a celebration of the Pope's visit to South Korea, and derives its name from the Greek words for friendship and sharing in communion. "So many people live just for themselves. If more people prayed for others, the world would be a better place to live," adds the author and composer Noh Young-sim, during the press conference launching the music video that was held on July 7 at the Cathedral of Myeongdong in Seoul, where the Pope will celebrate the final mass of the trip.

Other celebrities taking part include the actress Kim Tae-hee, her colleague Kim Woo-bin and singer Bada. " The song carries our hope that the pope's visit will bring joy to all of Korea, beyond religious differences," said Sung-ki; he does not hide his "surprise" at the fact that "many stars" decided to participate, and many others wanted to, but were unable because of previous commitments.

The video is directed by Won Dong-youn, executive producer of Realies Pictures, who confirmed that all of the celebrities lent their talents to the project free of charge. "It was such an extraordinary experience to work with so many stars all at once," he said. "It was easy too, because they were so willing to do this, considering it a true honor to be part of it".

The original version of the song will be played in the various appointments scheduled during the Pope Francis' visit, including the beatification ceremony of the 124 Korean martyrs.