Gaza war: three more days of truce. Negotiations resume in Cairo
Shortly before the truce there were rockets and a raid. Almost 2 thousand deaths in a month of war. Israeli shells destroy the home of a armed Palestinian militant. Five people wounded, including three children.

Jerusalem (AsiaNews / Agencies) - From midnight, a three-day truce began in Gaza, agreed by both Israel and Hamas. An Israeli delegation went to Cairo to continue indirect dialogue - via Egypt - with the Palestinians.

Minutes before the truce, rockets were launched from the Gaza Strip towards Tel Aviv, Ashdot, Beersheva. Israeli aircraft carried out at least 25 raids.

In the four weeks of the war at least 2 thousand people have died. The Palestinians count more than 1,900 dead, mostly civilians; the Israelis 67 dead, including three civilians.

This morning, according to Israeli army information, near Nablus in the West Bank, a Palestinian gunman was killed in an exchange of fire with some Israeli soldiers. They used a missile to destroy the armed man's house. Five people were wounded in the atttack, including three children.