Bangladesh, Caritas promotes the reforestation of Bandarban
by Sumon Corraya
Together with six other non-governmental organizations, the Catholic section of Chittagong has planted trees for 16 miles on a provincial road frequently used by tourists. This can help avoid landslides during the rainy season and the environment. The thanks of the local government.

Chittagong (AsiaNews) - Planting trees to help protect the environment and prevent landslides and floods, but also "for a better world to live in together".  This was the goal of Caritas Bangladesh, along with six other non-governmental organizations, who have planted trees along 16 kilometers of road in the area of Bandarban. The end of summer, the volunteers explained, "is the best time to plant. They will not immediately suffer the blistering heat and will have time to take root".

The regional director of Caritas Chittagong, James Gomes, was present at the planting: "We have decided to promote this form of volunteering - he tells AsiaNews - to help create a better world. Trees are environmentally friendly, and let us not forget that they can provide a lot of security. "In fact, the chosen road is always crowded with tourists and during the rainy season, is at high risk of landslides.

At the invitation of the Catholic organization, the Deputy Commissioner of the District, KM Tarikul Islam, planted a "haritaki" tree, whose fruits are considered used in traditional medicine. The official went on to thank Caritas and other NGOs present for their commitment to the environment and security. "