Police assault Occupy Central in Mong Kok. Students rebuild barricades
by Paul Wang
Police clash with thousands of demonstrators overnight. Over 60 injured; 15 policemen. The young people of Occupy were "armed" with umbrellas; Police in riot gear used batons and pepper spray. Possibility of dialogue and confidence in the police evaporates. A new wave of occupations likely.

Hong Kong (AsiaNews) - The protesters of Occupy Central have repositioned barricades and reoccupied several streets of Mong Kok after police attacked a large group overnight, arresting at least 26 people.

Overnight police had cleared some streets around Mong Kok, occupied for nearly two weeks. They confronted thousands of people (9 thousand according to the police) armed only with umbrellas, to defend themselves from beatings and pepper spray.

The unofficial data speaks of more than 60 injured, including 15 policemen. According to witnesses several young people lay unconscious on the street from blows of police in riot gear.

This morning the students  reoccupied the areas they were expelled from yesterday.

The 26 arrested are accused of "illegal Assembly" and "attacking police officers"

The students claim that the police raid has "deeply undermined" the basis for dialogue with the government.

The Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying had promised to dialogue with the students next week, but on the basis of Beijing's decisions on electoral reform, which the students and the Occupy Central movement would like to change to ensure a true democracy to the territory .

Occupy Central, has released a statement in which it is stated that the removal operations ordered by the government will "give rise to a new wave of occupations and worsen relations between police and citizens."

In recent weeks, the police force has been accused of using excessive force against defenseless students. It is also is accused of collusion with the Chinese mafia for failing to prevent beatings of protesters by thugs probably belonging to triads.