Taipei, businesswoman: conversion "realizing my heart's desire"
by Xin Yage
Agnes Tai is a well-known business woman in the clothing industry: "I discovered the faith through the Christian community. I believe in the feminine genius can give a lot to the Church, and I'm happy that Pope Francis has stressed this several times."

Taipei (AsiaNews) - During the catechism that led to her baptism she "always wondered what Jesus wore or the prophet Isaiah, Mary Magdalene and John the Baptist. It is my professional bias, that never leaves me even when I read the Bible".

This was also part of the path to conversion for Agnes Tsai (蔡小姐), a leading business woman in Taiwan's clothing sector. In 2014 she chose to become a part of the Christian community in a parish in Taipei.

"I was baptized last year by Father Michael Ku (具 東 昱 神父), fromk the parish of the Sacred Heart in  Taipei (聖 心 天主堂) - she tells AsiaNews - at the end of a journey that began five years ago".

"I had begun to think of Baptism because I had started making friends among the Christian community. " Actually - she frankly admits - "if another friend of mine had not encouraged me to be baptized, perhaps alone I would never had taken that decisive step. This is interesting, because in the end be a Christian means to belong to a community, you can't do it by yourself".

His professional career began many years ago: "When I was very young I had another profession for eight years in a company that was selling accessories for women's clothes. It was my first job and I met people who had a taste for the 'clothing and wanted to design something original. Then I switched to a larger company that imported clothes from Japan and Hong Kong and were then sold in various department stores in Taiwan".

This first phase lasted for seven years: "Then I opened my own company for production and sales. I am satisfied, I want to understand and meet the needs of customers, especially the more original ones. I have worked independently in the sector for sixteen years now" .

Even her preparation for baptism was marked by this: "With a priest who came regularly to our clothing company, we organized a catechism class for several people interested in the message of Jesus. It was fun to hear the stories of the Bible. I always wondered what kind of clothes Jesus or the prophet Isaiah wore, or Mary Magdalene and John the Baptist. It was my professional bias, I was interested to know how these people had lived, how they ate or dressed".

In addition to being a famous professional, Agnes is also a mother and a wife. Her family "is happy with my work and my faith, because they see me happy. With regard to the Christian faith, for me it was the realization of my heart's desire and the beginning of a new mission".

"I think it is important that women can express their talents and be recognized for their work and their originality. In the clothing sector, there are so many famous women, I think that even within the Christian community, women should be increasingly recognized as bearers of new ideas. Recently Pope Francis has stressed this. In the parish, also, I understand that everyone is welcome and appreciated. And I want to give my contribution, bringing that creativity with which I can make a difference".