The conversion of Rupali, a seed that will bear fruit at Easter
by Rupali Belose
Born into a Hindu family, the young woman always had "a lot of questions about God, but no one gave me answers." Her interest in Christianity grew from meeting a Catholic, who spoke of Christ and familiarized her with the Bible. Today they are engaged, and after a journey of catechumenate she is ready to receive baptism and first communion. "I learned that everyone must carry his or her own cross, but should never feel lost, because God gives us the courage and strength to face it."

Mumbai (AsiaNews) - I come from a non-Christian family where there were many god and goddess. Being a rational person I always had so many questions about God but they were never answered. My journey to Christ had begun in my childhood, where I came to know him as a God for Christians. I used to go to church with a catholic neighbor but didn't know anything about him. But I had a longing to know about him and Christians and that was planting of seed of Christ in my life.

As I grew and started working I had a friend in office who was catholic. He was very strong in his faith and had a very humble, honest and righteous nature which I admired. When I had once asked him he told me whatever he is, is because of Jesus Christ. This was watering the seed that was planted in my childhood. He started telling me about Christ, who is he, what has he done for sinners like us. He also used to tell me parables and explain them which I could relate to my life.

This is where the plant of Christ grew in my life. I started reading the bible sometimes. He guided me in what I should start with. In office we used to read early morning before others came and used to discuss on it. My understanding of faith and love for Christ grew with this and I realized that I also love this catholic friend that I had found. I now started reading bible many times and also praying to the Lord.

There was a time when my same friend had a major surgery which could have been life threatening. This was the time I came very closest to Christ my lord. I had started praying to Christ for his safety. I had started going to church very often. I never knew how to pray hence use to talk to him and would put all my feelings and thoughts in front of Christ. And Christ heard my prayer and his surgery was successful and he was completely fine without any issues. And other thing that happened was that I developed a strong faith in Christ. After this incident we both decided to get married.

There were many issues in both the families but I had a strong faith in Christ and things slowly went smoothly between both the families. We decided to get married in presence of Christ and hence I decided to change my faith. His parish priest suggested that I should do the RCIA course which will help her. My friend’s cousin was an animator in RCIA where you have a 6 months course. Before going there I had thought how it would be, what we will do, how can we learn about Christianity? But I was so wrong. There I came to know Christ and catholic church much more. I can say more than the original Catholics know from birth.

That was my first step closer to my Lord. I always had tears in my eyes when I came to know that God had sent his only begotten son Lord Jesus on this earth to suffer for us who are so much big sinners. I knew I have done so much wrong and for my sake and for my salvation he was crucified. No one can ever do such a thing. He is full of love and with this love he has called me closer to him and have forgiven my sins. There are few more incidents which happened after my joining RCIA which showed Lords presence to me. In the initial days of my course in RCIA I always felt I am the biggest sinner and because of me Christ my lord had to suffer.

I left my office and was directed towards the road which by passes the Church. I happened to enter the church very meekly and attended the mass. I could find Christ talking through me in the entire mass through the readings. All the readings and the psalm spoke to me about forgiveness. In the mass I confessed and asked lord for forgiveness. I was amazed and had felt that the lord had freed me from my sins and have given me a second chance to start a new life. Always in my hardships I talk to lord Jesus through his bible which he gave to us 'the word of God' through which he speaks to us. I have always got an answer to my question and my difficulties which has drawn me more closer to Christ.I also came to know that everyone has to bear their cross which are the hurdles and difficult situations of life. But never be dismayed for Lord our God gives us the courage and strength to carry it. Just Praise and thank him for all that he is.

I always feel am one of the chosen one by lord who got an opportunity to come into his Kingdom and now he is in the center of life. I am just waiting to be baptized on Easter where I would be one with my Lord. The communion which I would receive, the body and blood of my lord, that would purify me, nourish me and fill me with his holy spirit so that I can proclaim and spread his word with whatever ways possible.

To give a analogy,  the seed was sown long time back in childhood, it was watered by my friend and now fiancé and under the guidance of the RCIA course and the animators it grew into a big tree and will bear fruits on Easter.