Boko Haram militants slaughter 150 people, including Muslims
The jihadists carry out raids during the Muslim evening prayer, killing men and women. The area had recently been taken from the Boko Haram fundamentalists.

London (AsiaNews / Agencies) - Some witnesses claim to have witnessed the killing of more than a hundred people by militants of Boko Haram in the village of Kukawa, near Lake Chad, northern Nigeria.

At about 18:30 of Wednesday, July 1, "the terrorists targeted Muslims observing their prayers in different mosques." Later - witnesses say - "they went into homes and shot the women."

Witnesses said the militants have killed at least 97 people.

A day earlier, militants killed 48 men at the end of the Muslim evening prayer in two villages in the city of Monguno. Last month Monguno was recaptured from Boko Haram.

Since 2009, the Islamic fundamentalist organization has killed at least 17 thousand people, mostly civilians. They want to impose Islamic law in the country and kill all who oppose them.