Qinghai, relatives of lama who self-immolated are arrested for asking for his body
Sonam Topgyal died on July 10 from burns. Restrictive measure on the sale of gasoline and communications lines are blocked with city where the monk set himself on fire.

Xining (AsiaNews) - Chinese authorities have arrested the parents and siblings of the Tibetan Monk who died last week from burns in an act of self-immolation, on 9 July in  Kyengudo, in the Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Yulshul to protest against the Chinese government.

A Tibetan source speaking to Radio Free Asia says Sonam Topgyal - the name of the member, whose identity was unknown on the day of the facts - died July 10 in a hospital in Xining, capital of Qinghai Province, where he was transported by the Chinese police.

When the family of the deceased requested the return of his body for burial, the Chinese authorities refused to make and arrested his parents and five siblings. Nangchen Tashi, the monks father, is a local businessman who is very unpopular with the Chinese government for his support for the Tibetan language and culture.

After the self-immolation, which took place in the main square of Kyegudo, police ordered restrictive measures throughout the city and disrupted communications. As of 9 July, anyone who wants to refuel in the city must obtain a permit from the Local Government.