Taiwan, "happiness" boom : never such a high quality of life
The annual survey published by the National Development Council shows that 88% of citizens are satisfied with their family life . The only drawback sis ocial involvement: almost 50% never help in community life.

Taipei (AsiaNews / Agencies) - Around 82 percent of people in Taiwan are happy with their overall quality of life, the highest level in eight years, according to the National Development Council. This was announced by the National Development Council, which published the annual survey on quality of life (QoL) conducted on 29-30 June this year and which involved 1,076 individuals aged 20 years and older.

According to research, Taiwanese quality of life has reached a very high standard. On a basis of 19 indicators, almost 71% of respondents expressed satisfaction with their economic conditions, the highest since 2008. More than 88% of Taiwanese say they are happy with the lives of their loved ones, and 85% believe their neighborhood a safe place to live.

The data are also positive on the environmental theme. The 85% of respondents are satisfied with the management of waste, 84% of the treatments carried out on the waste material. A small decline was recorded for air quality, which satisfies 64% of the population.

As for the workplace, the environment and conditions of employment are considered "acceptable" by 72% of people, while 57% are satisfied by their performance at work. 69% of Taiwanese people are happy with how they spend their free time.

79% of the inhabitants of the island are satisfied with the healthcare, 65% with public transport and security.

The only negative result was seen in the social commitment: only 41% are satisfied with this sphere of their life, and nearly 49% said they had never participated in any social activity.