Pope: Beatitudes are path to holiness and happiness
Francis celebrates Mass in Rome’s Verano cemetery in Rome. From the Sermon on the Mount, the pontiff charts the course for the life of a good Christian: "We ask the Lord for the grace to be simple and humble, the grace to be able to cry, the grace to be mild, the grace to work for justice and peace, and above all the grace to leave it up to God to become instruments of His mercy. "

Rome (AsiaNews) - The Beatitudes taught by Jesus to the apostles and the crowd gathered on the hill by the lake of Galilee "are the path to holiness and happiness". Indeed, the saints who have gone before us to our heavenly walked this path and we too, recognizing ourselves first of all as sinners, must strive to follow them”. said Pope Francis during Mass celebrated in Rome’s  Verano.

The cardinal vicar for the Italian capital, Agostino Vallini; Archbishop Iannone, the vice chancellor of the diocese; the parish priest of St. Lawrence Outside the Walls Fr. Armando Ambrosi concelebrated with the Pope. After the Mass, the Pope prayed for the dead and blessed the graves.

The road to true happiness, the road that leads to Heaven, says Francis, "is difficult to understand because it goes against the trend, but the Lord tells us that those who take this road are happy, they  sooner or later become happy. "Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven." Well may we ask the question how can a person who is poor heart, whose only treasure is the kingdom of heaven, be happy. But the reason is this: that having stripped his heart free from many worldly things, this person is 'in waiting' for the Kingdom of Heaven".

But blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted: "How those who mourn be happy?  Then again those who never felt sadness, anguish or pain in life will never know the power of consolation. Instead happy are those who have the capacity to be moved, the ability to feel in their heart the pain that is in their lives and the lives of others. These people will be happy! Because the tender hand of God the Father will console them and caress them ".

Then it was the turn of the meek in spirit: "Conversely how often are we impatient, nervous, always complaining! We demand so much of others, but when they touch us, we react, raising our voice, as if we were the masters of the world, when in fact we are all children of God. Rather we should think of those mothers and those fathers who are so patient with their children, who drive 'them crazy'. This is the path of the Lord: the path of meekness and patience ".

Those who hunger and thirst for justice, "who have a strong sense of justice, and not only towards others, but first of all with regards themselves, they will be satisfied, because they are ready to welcome the greater justice, that only God can give. "

And then "" Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy. " Happy are those who know how to forgive, they have compassion for others, who do not judge everything and everyone, but try to put themselves in others' shoes. Forgiveness is something we all need, without exception. This is why at the beginning of Mass we recognize ourselves for who we are, that is sinners, everyone. It is not a figure of speech, a formality: it is an act of truth. "Lord, here I am, have mercy on me." And if we give to others the forgiveness we ask for ourselves, we are blessed. As we say in the Our Father: "Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us".

Finally Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God: "Just look at the face of those who go around making mischief: are they happy? Those looking for opportunities to cheat, to take advantage of the other, are they happy? No, they cannot be happy. Instead those who every day, with patience, try to spread peace, are artisans of peace, of reconciliation, these are blessed, because they are true children of our Heavenly Father, who always sows just peace, to the point that he sent his Son in to world to be the seed of peace for mankind”.

Dear brothers and sisters, Francis concluded, "this is the path of holiness, and it is also the path to happiness. It is the path Jesus has taken, indeed, He is the Way: those who walk with Him and through Him enter life, eternal life. We ask God for the grace to be simple and humble, the grace to be able to cry, the grace to be meek, the grace to work for justice and peace, and above all the grace to leave it up to God to become instruments of His mercy . So did the Saints, who have gone before us to the heavenly homeland. They accompany us on our earthly pilgrimage, encouraging us to move forward. May their intercession help us to walk the path of Jesus and obtain eternal happiness for our deceased brothers and sisters, for whom we offer this Mass. "