Sinai plane crash: US intelligence says it was a bomb, Russia urges caution
US intelligence points to the presence of a collaborator at Sharm el-Sheikh airport. Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, has told reporters that "any assumptions about what happened ... require further investigation."

Cairo (AsiaNews / Agencies) - Russia says that claims advanced by the US and Britain of a bomb having been planted on the  Airbus 321 that crashed on October 31 in the Sinai are just "speculation".
Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, told reporters that "any assumptions about what happened ... require further investigation”.
Peskov was referring to reports from CNN, according to which the US intelligence came to the conclusion that the plane crash was the result of a bomb exploding on board the aircraft, planted by ISIS or allies of the terrorist group. The US network cited  "numerous US intelligence officials", according to whom "no formal conclusion was reached" and that there is no "forensic evidence".

US intelligence also believes that someone at the airport in Sharm el-Sheikh, where the Airbus departed from, may have helped to put the bomb on the plane. "That airport - said an official - has poor security. And this is known. But there are suspicions of a help coming from someone inside the airport. "

British Foreign Minister Philip Hammond concurs and expressed the view of his government on the "significant possibility" that it was an explosive device to cause the accident.